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Life Insurance for Cigar SmokersWhat can be more valuable than a life in this world? Simply the answer is nothing, nothing can ever compare with a human life. Life turns to more significant in the last chapters when a person deeply realizes and believes that death is not far behind. Here lies the key point of consequence why life insurance concepts took the place of popularity so rapidly. The American people these days show great passion over life insurance policy. But the key point in life insurance is that you have to be qualified first. Life Insurance organizations, through their non-stop research, mainly focus on age and health (past medical history). Say, you are a cigar smoker, and then the point comes what about the tobacco users for life insurance policy? You see life Insurance for cigar smokers is comparatively expensive. Smokers must face a dilemma and often regrets in possessing the best life insurance policy.

Categorize Yourself:

You can easily categorize yourself in the policy of life Insurance for cigar smokers with asking yourself the following questing:

  • Do you smoke occasionally? Are you a celebratory cigar smoker? Do you smoke once or twice in a month? If the answers to these questions are ‘yes’, the insurance organizations will allow you lower premiums equal to a non-smoking status.
  • Are you a frequent or professional cigar smoker? If your answer is ‘yes’, the insurance organizations will allow you premiums significantly higher.

Options and Offers for Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers:

Insurance Carriers allow both the smoker and the non-smoker opportunity to buy a policy of life insurance for cigar smokers. If you are an amateur smoker or an amateur tobacco user, you have available options to get a cost-effective nonsmokers premium rate and if you are a regular smoker or a frequent tobacco user, insurance carriers also allow offers premium rates for you but with a hefty difference. When a 40-45 years old non-smoking person pays the yearly premium of $400 for $500,000 in a twenty-year long policy, a smoker pays $1400 in the same policy.  This is a pretty example why we request every smoker to give it up.

You see insurance carriers never want to avoid o r overlook the regular smokers or tobacco users. They declare alluring incentive for smokers so that they quit. If a regular or frequent smoker or tobacco user manages to cease his smoking for at least 2 consecutive years, the insurance organizations will consider and reconsider your health status in most of the cases. This is regarded as the best options from the insurance carriers for the smokers or tobacco users to retreat from their smoking.

Important Key Points Before you Decide:

  • The insurance companies are seriously keen on medical tests (i.e. urine test, blood test, saliva) to be sure that there is no nicotine in your body when you purchase nonsmoking premium.
  • Try to purchase life insurance for cigar smokers when you are still young and in sound health.
  • Choose multiple life insurance policy to purchase a quote
  • Be honest and be true to the insurer

The more or the less tobacco you use or the more or the less you smoke, the best and utmost way to purchase a premium of life insurance for cigar smokers is to quit smoking.

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